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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Daniel's Soccer Birthday Party

This was the first invite we got for a Boy's Themed Party. 

Thanks to Kimmee (Daniel's mom), we were able to catch a glimpse of a boy's party which was a world of difference from the girl's party we have attended. 

* Kimi doing soccer for the first time

The first part of the party was spent on the field with a game of free play...

* Kimi in action

* Dads as goalie

Then teams were formed for a friendly game of soccer.

* Red Team :)

The girls decided that it was too much for them and decided to stay on the sidelines for a breath of fresh air.

* Avril, Kimi and Natalia

* Pretending to be spiders in a web ;)

* Uhmm... trying out their spider senses

* Group Picture

Snacks were served inside. Pizzas, chips, juice and more to feed the tired players.

The main event was the unveiling of the cake. A big expectation since Daniel's mom is a cake instructor :)

* Fondant with the ball made up of cake all through

* Lemon flavoured cake for the base and chocolate cake for the ball

* Daniel with Mom and Dad

* * * * *

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