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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Field Trip at Vancouver Aquarium 2013

Vancouver Aquarium is a a popular destination for a field trip for school. We had one last year when Kimi was a preschooler at Burnaby Montessori. It was different this time as the field trip last year was more indoor, talking about the different creatures found in the aquarium and some games.

This year, the kids were divided into 3 groups and they get to go see the exhibits such as the sea otter, beluga, penguin with their classmates. 

The tour inside the aquarium was the first on the list.

* Jelly Invasion Event

* Starfish got Kenzo's attention

This was a popular exhibit for the kids...

* Inside the Glass Globe

The kids had a blast touching these...

* Touch and Learn

The newest addition to the aquarium was the Penguin Point.

* Ready for some cuteness?

* I did not expect the penguin to be this small...

* Cuteness overload

As for the show, the kids sat and watch the beluga do some tricks...

* Waiting for the show

* Beluga Trick

...then it was lunch time

* Kids spread out their lunch and sat with their friends

* Some decided to explore some more

...then off to the Amazon.

* It looks like the outdoors in this area, and it was sort of hot here too!
-it was to mimic the tropical weather

There was a lot of butterflies in these area. Much more than I remembered from past visits.

* Sloth Sighting

It was also the first time that the sloth decided to make an appearance and at such a close range. He was  hanging on a tree with us walking beneath him... 

* Spider Jelly

...there was a bit of time before we had to leave so the kids were given a bit of play time.

I got some pictures of Kimi with her teacher

* Mrs Castro, Kimi and Alessandra

* Mrs. Kazun with Kimi

* * * * *

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them

-Richard L. Evans

Vancouver, B.C.

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