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Friday, July 19, 2013

Jam's Fun Park

It was a nice day for a party and Angelina's dad did a great job fixing up the party to what it was. The deck was really big enough for all the guests that came and probably more...

The Design...

* Dad turned Graffiti Artist

The food was overflowing, and so does the drink (both alcoholic and kid friendly)...

The entertainment was there from the face painter...

* Thea, Olivia W, Kimi and Angelina (Birthday Girl)

...she did the magic show as well

The Game

* Bring me and Trip to Jerusalem...

This looks more like Great Wall of China rather than the Jerusalem ;)

* Kimi was the winner for the game... Atta Girl (Proud Mama!)

...and last but not the least,

* Birthday Song

* Wishing...

* ...and wishes goes up to Heaven

* * * * *

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