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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Weekend at Science World 2013

Science World just got renovated recently and I was quite curious as to how it has improved from before. A friend of mine told me that they are having a free entrance weekend and I was sold. Rain or shine, we went on with the plan.

A lot of people seem to have the same ideas as we did, and it was a full house. We decided to take a quick walk around the area and choose which area we would like to spend time in.

* Kenzo playing with one of the machines

My favourite area was Keva. Keva are wood planks cut identically and stack based on your imagination. You could build anything your brain could imagine.

* Keva Architecture

* Kenzo helping out build up our own tower

Kimi's favourite friend from school also came to join us, Avril and little sister, Natalia. They had a bit of time at the Kid's Playground and had tons of fun there.

* Kenzo climbing up the frog sculpture

* Kids Multiplied

It was fun to spend the day playing and learning at the same time.

* Avril and Kimi strike a pose before saying their goodbyes.

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.
September 28-29, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally... a Flower Girl

One of the things that I wish Kimi would be able to experience was to be a flower girl. She had a chance when my brother in law was getting married but we got pregnant and Kenzo was due close to the wedding date so we had to miss that party. I sort of feel bad about that and vow that Kimi will get her chance...

Fast forward to almost 4 years after, I got a friend who's got a cousin that is celebrating her debut and she needs a flower girl, so I said yes to it.

* Kayla with Kimi and Kenzo with the Traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog

* Lovey Dovey

* Sweet as sugar

....and last but not the least, 

* Kimi with her oldest childhood classmate and partner, William :)

* * * * *

Isabella's 6th Barbie Pool Party

It was held in Hillcrest Centre, Vancouver.

A pool party on the first half of the celebration and a simple gathering on the private room to finish off the party.

* Barbie Themed Party Hat

* Photo Opportunity with the celebrant

* Barbie Inspired Cake

* Party Peeps

* Traditional Birthday Song

* Kimi and Isabella

* * * * *

Friday, September 20, 2013

Terry Fox Run 2013

The Annual Terry Fox Run at SFDS was held once more but the path they ran for this year was totally different from when they were as a Kindergardener.

Let's run for the cure...

* * * * *

Thursday, September 05, 2013

A is for Apple(sauce)

It was the start of the school year and the preschoolers starts their years getting acquainted with the letter "A".

* A is for apple

Teachers have apples all over the room. Real apples for their first project...making applesauce. Apple pictures in the boards, books about, you guess it- apples!

I was in the room with Kenzo the first few days so I decided to take out my camera and take some snapshots of their first project.

* Everybody got a turn to use the small apple peeler

* Kenzo's turn...

The teachers were great at making learning fun. The kids were learning without realizing it. 

Great Job Mrs C and Mrs. Franklin.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My Little Kids are ready for school now...

Kenzo was in an extra clingy mood. His new classroom was really nice and some mom even made an effort to make a welcome sweet treat for the little preschoolers :)

* Kenzo's Pre School 4 Room

It was easier for Kimi, she saw her friends and everything fell into place...

* Kimi's First Grade Room



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