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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Alexander's 6th Costume/Bowling Birthday Party

With Halloween just around the corner, birthdays near the date tend to lean toward costume party with a mix of activity such as Alexander's 6th. The party was held at Rev's Burnaby and was well attended by classmates and friends.

* Dressed Up but ready to bowl…

The cake was made by Goldilocks which explains why it looks like a cake from my childhood days back in the Philippines.

* Alexander doing the traditional cake singing etc…

I did not purchase a costume for Kimi this year and decided to use an old one which still fits after 2 years ;-P

* Snow White

…and a steal of a costume from Gymboree for Kenzo

* My Li'l Cowboy

* * * * *
Rev's Bowling
Burnaby, B.C.

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