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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Karl's Surprise Birthday Bash

Karl's 34th Birthday…

Thanks to the great friends who made it possible
Warren, Glenda and Wilbert for hosting it at their home
Charlie for organizing
and to the rest of the gang, for all the food that we got to enjoy.
…I didn't have to plan anything, it was refreshing and a bit weird to hand over all the planning to someone else but I really appreciate all the love and effort put by everyone to make sure it remained a surprise.

* Kids were excited to shout SURPRISE!


* Kid Magnet

* Birthday boy with all the kiddos

* Our Family + 1 :)

* My Fave Girlfriends...

* The Best Guy Friends

…I am just so glad that I found really great friends here in Canada that really got our backs.

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