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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jan Ken Pon: Japanese Games Family Day

JAN KEN PON - It's Japanese for Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is the name of the event that features different Japanese Games for Kids one weekend at Nikkei.

A friend invited us and since we don't have any plans, we decided to join them.

* Jan Ken Pon

It was a simple set up and each station features a Japanese games that you can try or a craft that you can make and take home. It is a one time fee of $5 on the entrance and you can enjoy all the stations from 2-5pm

* Make a Lantern

* Color and Assemble

When you think about Japanese, first thing that comes to mind is Origami

* Shiny Paper Cranes

* Focused

* …next time these are going to be heels

* Kenzo found an old friend from school…

* * * * *
Nikkei Place
Burnaby, B.C.

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