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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arenex Queen's Park: Intro to Gymnastics- PASSED!

This year, Kimi started doing gymnastic during school season. She first got a taste of gymnastic during Summer at Cartwheels in Richmond and another Summer at Phoenix Gym for a week each.

She seems to like it but she got some things on her plate then and I didn't want to fill up her days with activities so we opted to wait it out.

Winter Gymnastic started January with 10 classes ending mid March. Kimi was excited as she was doing the class with two of her best buddies in school. They all ended with the recommendation to go for the next level come March end. YEY!

I love the fact that Kimi seems to be more confident with all the equipments inside the gym by the end of her classes  and she truly enjoyed the class a lot.

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New Westminster, B.C.

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