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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

La Roche Posay: Itch Free Day Drawing Contest 2014

I came across La Roche Posay as I was browsing through our local Shopper's drug mart and I like how the products are Paraben-free and Fragrance-free. I have been using several products before that and was on the lookout for something that would give me a better handling of my kid's eczema. I saw the cute packaging and and then I saw the contest.

My daughter, Kimi, decided to give it a go and drew a picture of our family with her idea of how an itch free day looks like to her... I decided to scan it and give it a go and decided to use Facebook to ask friends from all over the world to vote for her drawing. Some of our friends were kind enough to share the link on their page.

We did not end up with the most vote but I was sure that we got into the upper 10 most voted pictures. It will be up to the judge this time to see which drawing deserves the place on their limited edition bottles for winter and the $325 worth of prizes.

March 17th came and went, we were curious as to why no winners has been announced yet. My husband was quite excited and kept on checking the site if there was any winners already.

March 18th, my husband texted me that Kimi won the first price with a big smile at the end of his text. I thought he was joking as there was a lot of nice drawings as well but there it was, our little girl did win.

* Kimberline C.'s version of an itch free day

Congratulations to the 2nd to 5th winner. You all did such a great job!!!

* Runner Ups for La Roche Posay Canada? Thank you for giving our daughter a chance to prove herself with her drawing... 

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