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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Steph's Pole Dancing Stagette

Before you start thinking, Pole Dancing?!

This is a perfectly wholesome stagette with Pole Dancing instructor to teach us the basic of pole dancing as a form of exercise and keeping fit. Yes, it does involve a bit of sexy moves as much as the next dance and it was really lots of fun... although my body was aching all over the next day and a lot of bruises to show for. I guess I not so graceful on the pole or maybe just needs a bit more practice he he!

* The Buffet

* Springrolls

* Chocolate covered Strawberries

* Va Va Voom Cupcakes by Nicolette Co

* Personalized Water Bottle Labels
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* Sexy instructor and the soon to be bride

* Pole Dancing Attendees

* Selfie

* * * * *
New Westminster, B.C.

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