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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daniel's 7th Star Wars Party

I am so blessed to have a found great friends with the mom's of Kimi's classmate. Kimi calls her the BIG Kimmee, and from then on, Kimi felt a special connection to her (and so did I).

Daniel is Kimmee's one and only child and he and Kimi does play on some occasions. Daniel wanted a Star Wars Party to marked his 7th birthday, and a Star Wars party is what Mommy Kimmee and Daddy Shu Hei made for him.

* Star Wars Invites
CLICK HERE for personalized invites

Daniel is lucky that she go a talented pastry chef for a mom and it was a labor of love for Mommy Kimmee to whip up this special Star Wars Themed cake specially for Daniel to enjoy.

* Kimmee's Kitchen Cakes
CLICK HERE for personalized cakes

Cupcakes were made for kids to decorate to their heart's content

* Ready made Star War Figurine Cupcake Topper

...mix with personalized cupcake topper with Birthday Boy's name

CLICK HERE for custom order

Fun-filled activities await the kids. It was like having an after school away from school with almost  all the kids from grade 1 attending the party.

* Badminton Match

* Strike a Badminton Pose 

Some opted to do rock climbing on the side...

* It scares me to see the kids going up this big rock which was quite high

* Pretty Olivia doing her thing

*Annika on her back for a breather

* Soccer Goalee Filipe

* A soccer match

* Multi tasking coach

* Kenzo's choice of play

* Nancy with her cupcake creation

* My Precious Girl :*

* Isabelle

* Amaya and her creation

* Cupcake Decorating Station

*Kenzo hard at work

* Family Picture

* Daniel doing a bit of antics after the blowing of candles

* * * * *

Nikkei Center
Burnaby B.C.

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