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Saturday, August 23, 2014

William's 7th Minecraft Party

It started with a call, a favour to do a pickup before the event...

* Cutest delivery girl :)

* Minecraft Shades of Colors

* Tarpauline of the Birthday Boy

* Thank you boxes as decor

Early Bird gets the whole attention of the Birthday Boy :)
...or maybe it was the Ipad that got his attention

Setup...was a blur. It was a good thing that Mommy Joe-anne had everything in boxes ready to be put up

* Real Table cloth, not the dollar kind ones

* Baker Extra ordinaire

* Minecraft Galore

* Mini cupcakes

* Minnie and Kimmee

* These are the bomb!

* Steve, Creeper, TNT and Pig Cupcake Topper
Order Here

Everyone was just so happy with spread... 

* Celebrant with the Host Parents

Once Again, Happy Birthday to William


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