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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frozen Coronation Joint Party

My daughter decided on a Frozen party a day after her birthday last year.

I was actually expecting her to change her mind before her party this year, but that was not the case so we decided to go on planning for a Frozen party but put a twist on it, we decided to focus on the coronation theme and colour.

Kimi's favourite character is Anna. Her reason? She believes that Anna was the real hero because she was the one who broke the spell because she chose her sister over saving herself...

We decided to put on Anna prominently on her invites with her skirt as pattern of the lower invites. We used an emboss "K" to complete and personalize each envelopes of her invites.

* Anna Inspired Invitations

I am so lucky to have talented friends who readily helped me to make my vision into reality. I wanted to create Olaf with food which I found inspiration in browsing the net. A few days before the party, we decided to create Olaf's arms from melted chocolates...

* Melted Chocolates for Olaf's Arms and Hands

...this chocolate arms were also used for the Kenzo's Olaf cake.


The cake was all thanks to my good friend, Kimmee. She is a chef pastry/ instructor and I was more than excited that she decided to take on this challenge despite her busy schedule. I just gave her the colour and what I hope the cake would be, and she more than surpassed my expectation.

She made use of fondant to create Olaf and recreated the scene from the movie wherein Olaf separated on the song "In Summer", a twist on this particular cake, since Olaf is in Winter attire, to fit the season of the event as well as Kenzo's Olaf toy. I think this playful twist to the cake also fits Kenzo's personality to a T. 

* Olaf fondant in progress

* Olaf atop the snow with soft marshmallows on the side

As for Kimi's cake, Kimmee decided to make a two tier cake with the Elsa doll on top. Purple hues that matches the invites and the bluish hue of the winter time ties up perfectly to the rest of the decors.

* Fondant with chocolate cake on the bottom tier 
and raspberry cake on the top tier.


For the food, hubby chose the main buffet, we ordered the Sushi and the Barbeques. Grandma Mary did the Hotdogs, Baked Macaroni and Salmon. A friend cooked Chap Chae. Everything was so delicious.


I was the one who decided on the sweet table. Popcorn is a sure hit and Kimi and I put them in small manageable cups for a no mess take home or eat the party treats. We finish off the cups with a logo of Elsa and Anna on the top.

Our friend, Leslie helped me put on the noses and eyes for Olaf and my friend, Kimmee helped me make these Olaf arms.... Love how this yogurt turned out and it was a hit with the kids.

Kisses as one of the candies for the table with silver and blue colour scheme.

I love Ferrero Rocher and just had to find a way to include them in the sweets. It's perfect as the Golden Orb in the Elsa's Coronation scene.

These white pretzels are perfect for Han's Frozen Heart... 

Food Labels. Click HERE to order

Waters were dressed as Elsa and Anna during the coronation night...
Water Labels. Click HERE to order

Utensils were also done up to complement the whole motif.
Napkin Ring Labels. Click HERE to order

We got this plastic Frozen perfect for the door at the nearby dollar store.

* Kimi's stuffy companion for her party...
She really loves Anna.

...and what is a party without balloons?

* Frozen Themed Balloons...

...and to end the party. Some Frozen goodies for guests to take home and enjoy.

* Frozen Stickers, Fan, Coloring Book, Pencil and Eraser

* Frozen Cups with their names on Personalized Button Pin

* Personalized Button Pin

* Icicle Bracelets made of Rainbow Looms


Arts and Crafts of Frozen related items. It is so nice to see Kimi's friends from school and from childhood playing together.

* School and Childhood Friend DO mix :)

* Senna, Amaya and Olivia working together on their masterpiece

* Caitlyn helping out the kids with the activities

* Little Annabelle intent on her art

Hubby did a great job finding a magician for the event. The Great Gordini entertained both the kids and adult alike. His Giant Balloon was the real finale and got everyone on their feet and laughing. 


* These Moms are my best inspirations...

* I am so glad to find true friends through Kimi's class moms

* Childhood friends are the best kind of friends...

Special Shoutout to the people who have made this party possible

Cakes: Kimberly Tada/ Kimmee's Kitchen
Food: Tita Carol (Chap Chae)
Kumare (Barbecues)
Photography: Charlie N and Shu Hei Tada
Labels, Personalized Pins, Food Labels: Busybee Creates
Entertainment: The Great Gordini


* * * * *
For our Little Princess, Kimi. 
We Love You So Much
Happy 7th Birthday

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