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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

La Roche Posay Anti Itch Drawing Bottle now OUT!

I was a bit busy to make an entry for quite awhile but managed to sit on the computer to put in an entry for the long awaited "La Roche Posay Lipikar Limited Edition".

My daughter tried her luck a year ago and join the "La Roche Itch Free Day Contest" with the theme of "What does an itch free day looks like?". She was really lucky to win her first national contest ever.

It was supposed to come out Fall of 2014 but with a bit of delay, it finally came out at Winter 2015. I was sort of stalking Shopper's Drug since fall and was stoked to see a cardboard sign of the Lipikar Baume Limited Edition out on the shelves. No actual bottle was out then.

* Shelf Ad for La Roche Lipikar Baume AP+ Limited Edition
...or what I call La Roche Kimi's Edition :)

I left my number at three locations asking them to call me once they are actually out. I got a call later that day and I was so excited to see that not only did we get a lotion with her drawing and a small ad cardboard but they did the works and also created a store display shelving with her drawing in a bit lotion and her picture on the other side.

* Pictues of the La Roche Cardboard Shelving

Kenzo wanted to take a photo with the actual shelving and of course, I complied happily.

* Big support from little brother

My stalking of Shopper's Drug stores actually gotten worse, going to different branches to see her lotion and I actually got a couple of these lotions to send to families and friends who wanted a souvenir of this product. It doesn't hurt that people who knew about the lotion came to me with different testimony as to how the lotion actually was what they were using because it is working well for their kids with eczema. Some came saying that the sunblock or some products front heir brand is so good. 

* Kimi with her lotions

The limited edition is available at all Shopper's Drug Store across Canada. It is a limited edition so be sure to grab yours now and leave me a message here as to how you love the product. It comes in 2 sizes at a great value pack.

* Value pack 400ml plus a bonus gift

* Value pack 200ml plus a bonus gift.

* * * * *

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