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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Science World Featuring LIGHT

This year, we decided to give the kids a Science World pass for 4 (family) to enjoy for the year.
It will be a great pass to use around when we travel as it also can be use to access different museum around the world.  List here. We actually tried our pass at Seattle's Pacific Science Center but that would be another entry.

For our first visit in Vancouver's Science World with a pass, they were featuring the exhibit LIGHT up until January 04, 2015. I am happy that within a few weeks of purchasing the family pass, we have pretty much paid up the cost of our membership. The kids can just enjoy the exhibit and I don't need to rush as I know that we can come back anytime without having to pay more entrance fees.

As for the Light Exhibit, some were already taken off but we managed to see some of the exhibit that was left until the last day of the exhibit date. 

Right from the entrance, you will see this DNA welcome you, hanging from the ceiling.

* DNA Origami by the Symmetry Group
My favourite was the exhibit using packaging tape to create art and with a backlight, it was a sight to behold.

* New York Eve by Max Zorn

The Monochrome Exhibit was a bit similar but it was using light to achieve the monochromatic artwork. This was a picture of our very own English Bay.

* Monochrome Sunset by Mark Soo

The kids were more than happy to manipulate colours of the light through switches and mixing of coloured lights to achieve another shade/ colour.

This was a part of the exhibit but I was not able to take note what this was. It's a nice idea for a drop light which I can see some establishment are making use of.

Another exhibit that the kids played with was the Generate but Hybridity. An iPad with a camera that captures them and manipulating settings to create different type of images on the big screen.

* Generate by Hybridity
Technology + Art

I was actually hoping to see the coffee light bar but it was already down since it was the last day of the exhibit.

* * * * *
Science World @
Telus World of Science
Vancouver, B.C.

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