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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Central Park in Vancouver

There is never a shortage of parks here in Vancouver and one of the best parks around is the Central Park.

Strategically located in Kingsway, it is a great park to escape form the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Light the Night 2015 Fundraising

Once Again, I have joined the Light the Night Walk which will be held on Stanley Park Lumberman's Arch on Saturday, October 17, 2015

I am taking the role of Team Captain again and would love to have your support in this great event.

I am still thinking of ways to raise fund and would be more than happy for more suggestions.
As of now, I am putting in personalize pins made by me as one of the ways to raise fund for this wonderful project.

Proceeds from the sale will be put under the TEAM CHUA for LIGHT THE NIGHT 2015.
To order your personalize pins EMAIL HERE

You can do a TEAM PINSPIRATION for your team who are joining the walk or get some pins for your event at school, office or group. It is also a great way to add as a loot bag or as an inexpensive way to award somebody for a job well done. Either way, we can customize for you and you get to help a worthy cause!

You may also just donate straight away

Friday, March 13, 2015

Creative Dance for 5 years old

I wish there was a site to check on ratings and reviews of a particular class before trying them out but it is a hit and miss.

There is one though that I tried before when Kimi was younger, which I loved at Shadbolt called "Creative Dance 4yo" with an instructor named Mr. Trevor. He is now at his 15th year teaching this class and what I love the most is his character and the live accompaniment that makes the class more interesting. The fact that I intentionally registered for his class is a statement enough of just how much I enjoy his class for my kids... Kenzo actually refused to go to dance class, but he enjoyed it right after one class. (Whew!)

We were invited to watch on the last day of the class, and here are the pictures to go with the presentation.

* Warm Up

* Obstacle Course

* * * * *
Mr. Trevor
March 9-13, 2015
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Capturing my little munchkins...

Are there tips out there on how to catch those moments of fleeting childhood moments up close?

I love my kids but it is just impossible to get both of them to cooperate just in time for me to get a picture of them prim and proper, smiling at the camera. I usually had to beg (bribe) them to stay still just for one more take.

I finally moved on to the portrait setting on my camera and this is what I got so far...

It was the last day of creative dance for Kenzo and Pro-D Day for Kimi which also officially marks the start of their spring break. We were able to spend the afternoon biking and skating and just running around without catching up to a schedule... (Sigh) 

I do appreciate any feedbacks on what settings works best on your camera to catch kids on the go.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Flowers in Bloom

I am so excited for Spring and I am experimenting with close up photos in Macro setting.

I am so happy with the outcome. I still have a long way to go but I am happy that I am able to capture a part of the beauty of Spring. Parks are something we have an abundance of here in Vancouver so I am just clicking away as I see them filling up the soil.

Show me your tips on capturing flowers. I can't wait to have an exchange of ideas.

Spring Break (Almost) Free or Free Activities around Burnaby/Vancouver 2015

It is that time of the year wherein the flowers are showing up all around Vancouver and it is finally "Spring". Together with the season is the one week break from school and kids asking what the plans are. It could actually add up especially for parents who works and has to find camps that are way expensive. I , on the other hand, am looking up for ways to make the break fun yet something that wouldn't let me go break up the piggy bank.

March 16-20th, 2015

Toonie Matinees at Landmark

I love the movie theater at Landmark, New Westminster. It's fairly new, near a skytrain, very clean and comfortable chairs. Plus add the fact that you can watch a movie at $2 and that includes the tax!


There are a lot of places to walk around that area as well and maybe afterwards, go back for the much anticipated Cinderella. 

a bonus feature is that the Short Film of Frozen will be shown together with the Cinderella movie at Landmark Cinemas only

Get your tickets on a Tuesday and price is at $6.25. What a steal!

Chapters Spring Break Activities

Free Activities with a variety of theme for each day.

You can pre-register to make sure you get a spot. I put my kids in awhile ago and some of them are almost full.

What are your plans?

I would love to hear more ideas...


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