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Friday, March 13, 2015

Capturing my little munchkins...

Are there tips out there on how to catch those moments of fleeting childhood moments up close?

I love my kids but it is just impossible to get both of them to cooperate just in time for me to get a picture of them prim and proper, smiling at the camera. I usually had to beg (bribe) them to stay still just for one more take.

I finally moved on to the portrait setting on my camera and this is what I got so far...

It was the last day of creative dance for Kenzo and Pro-D Day for Kimi which also officially marks the start of their spring break. We were able to spend the afternoon biking and skating and just running around without catching up to a schedule... (Sigh) 

I do appreciate any feedbacks on what settings works best on your camera to catch kids on the go.

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