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Friday, March 13, 2015

Creative Dance for 5 years old

I wish there was a site to check on ratings and reviews of a particular class before trying them out but it is a hit and miss.

There is one though that I tried before when Kimi was younger, which I loved at Shadbolt called "Creative Dance 4yo" with an instructor named Mr. Trevor. He is now at his 15th year teaching this class and what I love the most is his character and the live accompaniment that makes the class more interesting. The fact that I intentionally registered for his class is a statement enough of just how much I enjoy his class for my kids... Kenzo actually refused to go to dance class, but he enjoyed it right after one class. (Whew!)

We were invited to watch on the last day of the class, and here are the pictures to go with the presentation.

* Warm Up

* Obstacle Course

* * * * *
Mr. Trevor
March 9-13, 2015
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

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