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Monday, March 23, 2015

Light the Night 2015 Fundraising

Once Again, I have joined the Light the Night Walk which will be held on Stanley Park Lumberman's Arch on Saturday, October 17, 2015

I am taking the role of Team Captain again and would love to have your support in this great event.

I am still thinking of ways to raise fund and would be more than happy for more suggestions.
As of now, I am putting in personalize pins made by me as one of the ways to raise fund for this wonderful project.

Proceeds from the sale will be put under the TEAM CHUA for LIGHT THE NIGHT 2015.
To order your personalize pins EMAIL HERE

You can do a TEAM PINSPIRATION for your team who are joining the walk or get some pins for your event at school, office or group. It is also a great way to add as a loot bag or as an inexpensive way to award somebody for a job well done. Either way, we can customize for you and you get to help a worthy cause!

You may also just donate straight away

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