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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The First Communion

It was a perfect day out. Thank God the weather cooperated and the kids can run without ruining their (eeep!) dresses and suits.

* A priceless moment etched in my mind forever

* Kindergartener siblings sharing a moment

AS for the boy siblings, you won't see them sitting quietly but up and about, running and laughing loudly...

* Sword Fighting for the little guys...

It was a bit of a wait, then finally, we were seated and waiting for the whole procession to begin.

It was a full house with all the support from people close to the Grade 2's attending to witness the event.

Afterwards, they proceeded to the School Gymnasium for a short snack and a photo opportunity with Fr. Smith. It was also where we can get the certificates for the just concluded event.

Fr. Smith with the Tres Marias

I am overwhelmed that my Kimi reached another milestone... Time really does fly by so fast.

* Sibling Love

* Yeye and Nana with our Little Lady

 * First Communion 2015 Group Picture

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Sunday

We spent the Easter Sunday by starting our day attending mass as a family. Celebrating the resurrection of our Christ Jesus. 

Santouka was the choice for lunch but because of the long lines, we went to next door's "Guu with Garlic" which suits me just fine. I went there for dinner before with the hubs and loved it a lot. It was a great lunch this time as well, trying out a different things this time around.

I love the sashimi salad and the almond tofu was the perfect ending to a delightful meal.

Across the restaurant, there was a small group of crowds around an exhibit which turns out to be live rabbits. What else being Easter today? Donations will get you in for a chance of a close encounter with the cute furry creatures. 

A Perfect Day at Second Beach

No plans, no  rush...

A Great day out with the loves of my life...

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Classroom Auction Project 2015

This year, a mom friend was a coordinator for the Grade 2 Auction Project. She came to me and asked me to help pitch in ideas and maybe help with the execution of the project up to it's completion as well.

This year is the Grade 2's First Communion year and we decided to focus the theme of our projects in line with the religious event. We wanted something that has a touch of the students on the project to make it more special. Pictures are worth a thousand words and these kid's pictures are used as mosaic to make up the whole artwork which are the following: The Holy Family and The Holy Trinity.

* Original Images

* Photo Mosaic (edited to smaller size)

With a mosaic app, I was able to do these to both pictures. I put all the pictures from the kids in one folder. These pictures are from Kindergarten to Grade 2 pictured collected from their school... It was a lot of pictures but having more pictures to choose from is better in making the art work closer to the original.

We took advantage of the free poster print from Staples to see a proof of the Holy Trinity and once we saw how it looked, we decided to pay for one more copy for the Holy Family. We made use of the current promo at Michaels to frame the art works. It was a BOGO deal, which was why we actually saved a bit. Thanks to coupling.

* Display of the Auction item in the hallway of the school

* 22" x 28" framed and matted photo mosaic

It was overwhelming to see how the teachers (and students) responded to the Mosaic. We brought it on Tuesday (April Fools Day) since we had a schedule to do the add on project that we were brewing which was a paper bead rosary. We brought both frames up to the Grade 2 classroom and the teacher explained and showed the students our auction project.

* Grade 2 class

For the paper bead rosary, we decided to get each kids to write down 2 prayers on an index card and copy those same prayers to a strip of paper which we will be rolling to make a paper bead. These beads will be the one uses to make a rosary. Armed with a jewelry tool and some wires, I tried to loop each beads as soon as they finish their prayer intentions and soon the rosary was taking shape. Thanks to a cutting machine, Mrs. Wagner used the machine to cut the cross on a cardboard and on the scrap paper similar to the beads to finish off the rosary's cross. We have yet to seal each bead with a gloss for the weekend and hopefully it will turn out great as well. A frame or a jewelry box is the final touch we were hoping for to showcase the product.

* Paper Bead Rosary

* Shadow Box Closed

* Shadow Box Opened

*Button Ring to hold the index cards with prayer intentions


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