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Saturday, December 19, 2015

PVZ Birthday for Kenzo's 6th Birthday

My son loves Plant vs Zombies for his party.

I was hoping he would change his mind as I am not ready to make a party looks like an extension of a Halloween party but he did not, and I had to do everything in a shorter time frame.

We started with the invites and decided on a cute and fun approach with zombie on it to fit the age range that we were going for, Kindergarteners.

With the invites done, we proceeded to go for the decors that will actually go with the party. It was easier as we had the colours of the invites to base on. I am happy with how we managed to make a theme that is supposed to be ghoulish look fun.

We started with banners that will be one of the main decor for the tables in the party. I got some fences from the local Daiso store here in Richmond, B.C.

We also decorated the utensils with a personalized napkin rings and coloured napkins to add a whimsical element to the food table.

Water bottles were also decorated to complement everything in the table.

Water Bottle Labels

Loot bags were next. Using the colour scheme and logo, I made each kid their own button which are also available here for purchase.

Personalized PVZ Button are available here

Snap pea crisp as part of the loot as it is related to the pea shooter in the PVZ game.

We also went ahead and made some sweet cups for the kids to enjoy.

The party venue got some packages you can add to your event. We decided on the popcorn and cotton candies.


As for the entertainment, a bouncy castle, some toy cars and a giant blocks kept them occupied.

Soon, it was time to do the traditional candle blowing...

* Ice Cream Slab Cake from Marble Slab Creamery

* Kenzo's Little Friends from Kindergarten

* Wishing time

Kindergartener Families that spent the day with us...

* * * * *

to our Little Baby

...Love, Daddy, Mommy and Kimi

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